To check egress firewall rules:

snap-proxy check-connections

Logs are available in systemd logs:

snap logs snap-store-proxy


journalctl -u 'snap.snap-store-proxy.*'

The snap-proxy snap includes multiple systemd services, the status of which can be checked with:

snap-proxy status


sudo systemctl status -a 'snap.snap-store-proxy.*'

To restart the snap-proxy services, run:

sudo snap restart snap-proxy

The download cache is at /var/snap/snap-store-proxy/current/nginx/cache. The default limit is 2GB, this can be changed with:

sudo snap-proxy config proxy.cache.size=4096  # in mb

Moving to a new hostname

If you need to move the snap-proxy to a new hostname, you can do:

sudo snap-proxy config proxy.domain=NEWDOMAIN
sudo snap-proxy reregister

This perform another registration cycle and update the assertion file with the new domain name. This will then need to be acked on the client devices and will replace the existing assertion.


This documentation is shipped with the snap, and available at:


Bug reporting

Please file bugs against this project on Launchpad:

Known issues

  1. The snap download command doesn't do the download of the snap through snapd service, and therefore doesn't know about the Snap Store Proxy and will try to fetch the snap directly. Forum thread
  2. Need to be root when configuring the snap proxy. Forum thread