Feature list

  • Network control

    • Provides a means to access the Snap Store for devices with restricted network access

    • Snap Store Proxy can communicate with the Snap Store directly or through an HTTPS forward proxy

  • Caching of the downloaded snaps

  • Overriding revisions of specific snaps for all connected devices

  • Management options

  • Offline mode.

Note: Unless it is deliberately set up as offline, a Snap Store Proxy needs to be online and connected to the general Snap Store. This is a requirement, even though Snap Store Proxy caches downloaded snap files, which substantially reduces internet traffic. There's currently no generally available offline mode for the Snap Store Proxy itself. See Network Connectivity for the snap-proxy check-connections command and the up-to-date Network requirements for Snappy post for a list of domains Snap Store Proxy needs access to.