Snap revision overrides

You can override the revisions for specific snaps, on a specific channel. This means you can control the specific revision of a snap in a channel, rather than what the upstream publisher has released. You can use this to effectively pin revisions, and control when you are ready to upgrade to newer revisions.

There are a few different ways to configure overrides.

Proxy server

To configure overrides from the proxy server, use the snap-proxy command.

To add an override:

sudo snap-proxy override <snap> <channel>=<revision>

To list overrides currently in place:

sudo snap-proxy list-overrides <snap>

To remove all current overrides on a channel:

sudo snap-proxy delete-override <snap> <channel>

Overrides API

Alternatively, you can also manage overrides via a REST API

Command line tool

There is a CLI tool to help manage overrides, which uses the API and can be used remotely to administer overrides:

sudo snap install snapstore-client

Authentication is performed using Ubuntu SSO, and users need to be authorized from the CLI on the server using:

sudo snap-proxy add-admin

On the client side, you authenticate by:

snapstore-client login

Overrides are managed in the same way as with the snap-proxy command above, e.g.:

snapstore-client list-overrides
snapstore-client override foo stable=10
snapstore-client delete-override foo