Snap Store Proxy documentation

The Snap Store Proxy provides an on-premise edge proxy to the general Snap Store for your devices.

Devices are registered with the Proxy, and all communication with the Snap Store will flow through the Proxy, thereby enabling network-restricted devices to access snaps. Upstream snap revisions can be overriden on the Proxy, allowing fine-grained revision control for your devices. The Proxy furthermore supports air-gapped deployments when configured in offline mode.

The Proxy is an excellent fit for organisations looking for more control over updates to their snaps, or for enterprises that have held back from adopting snaps until now because of the challenges of operating within a restricted network.

With the Snap Store Proxy, snaps are as easy-to-use as ever, and administrators have much greater control over exactly what revisions are installed on each connected system.

In this documentation

Get started - a hands-on introduction to the Snap Store Proxy for new users
How-to guides
Step-by-step guides covering key operations and common tasks
Technical information - specifications, APIs, architecture
Concepts - discussion and clarification of key topics

Project and community

The Snap Store Proxy is a member of the Snap Store family. It's a project that welcomes suggestions, fixes and constructive feedback.

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