Landscape On-Premises

Landscape On-Premises, is the standalone version of Landscape that you can install on your own network.

Each major Landscape version is supported for a period of one year after release. Here are the current supported releases:

major version Release date Supported until Version of Ubuntu
19.10 2019-Oct 2020-Oct 18.04 LTS


Landscape On-Premises consists of two parts:

  • database server
  • application server

Depending on your deployment method, these may live on the same machine or different machines. Here is how you can get started:


  • Quickstart, for when you don't have Juju but quickly want to check out On-Prem. Not recommended for production environments when having more than 500 clients.

Juju deployed

Manual installation

  • Manual installation: for when you don't have a suitable Juju environment but need a scalable deployment.

Installation requrirements

Network access

The machine(s) running as the application server will need the following network access:

  • http access to in order to download the USN database and detect security updates. Without this, the available updates won't be distinguished between security related and regular updates
  • http access to the public Ubuntu archives and, in order to update the hash-id-database files and detect new distribution releases. Without this, the release upgrade feature won't work
  • https access to in order to query for available OPL releases. If this access is not given, the only drawback is that OPL won't display a note about the available releases in the account page.

Unsupported Versions

major version Release date Supported expired on Version of Ubuntu
19.01 2019-Jan 2020-Jan 18.04 LTS
18.03 2018-Jun 2019-Jun 16.04 LTS or 18.04 LTS
17.03 2017-Mar 2019-Mar 16.04 LTS
16.06 2016-Jul 2017-Dec 14.04 LTS or 16.04 LTS
16.03 2016-Apr 2017-Apr 14.04 LTS