About Landscape and Canonical

Canonical and Ubuntu

Canonical Ltd. is a private company that develops and distributes open source software and provides service and support, along with training, certification, and legal assurance. Its primary product is Ubuntu, a free, open source Linux distribution that runs on both client and server computers. Canonical releases new versions of Ubuntu twice a year. Read more about the latest release.


Landscape is a system management tool designed to let you easily manage multiple Ubuntu systems - up to 40,000 with a single Landscape instance. From a single dashboard you can apply package updates and perform other administrative tasks on many machines. You can categorize machines by group, and manage each group separately. You can make changes to targeted machines even when they are offline; the changes will be applied next time they start. Landscape lets you create scripts to automate routine work such as starting and stopping services and performing backups. It lets you use both common Ubuntu repositories and any custom repositories you may create for your own computers. Landscape is particularly adept at security updates because it can highlight newly available packages that involve security fixes so they can be applied quickly. You can use Landscape as a hosted service as part of Ubuntu Advantage, or run it on premises via Landscape On-Premises.

Ubuntu Advantage

Ubuntu Advantage comprises systems management tools, technical support, access to online resources and support engineers, training and legal assurance to keep organizations on top of their Ubuntu server, desktop, and cloud deployments. Advantage provides subscriptions at various support levels to help organizations maintain the level of support they need.