Log files

Landscape generates several log files in /var/log/landscape:

  • update-alerts: output of that cron job. Used to determine which computers are offline
  • process-alerts: output of that cron job. Used to trigger alerts and send out alert email messages
  • process-profiles: output of that cron job. Used to process upgrade profiles
  • sync_lds_releases: output of that cron job. Used to check for new Landscape On-Premises releases
  • maintenance: output of that cron job. Removes old monitoring data and performs other maintenance tasks
  • update_security_db: output of that cron job. Checks for new Ubuntu Security Notices
  • appserver-N: output of the application server N, where N (here and below) is a number that distinguishes between multiple instances that may be running
  • appserver_access-N: access log for application server N; the application server handles the web-based user interface
  • message_server-N: output of message server N; the message server handles communication between the clients and the server
  • message_server_access-N: access log for message server N
  • pingserver-N: output of pingserver N; the pingserver tracks client heartbeats to watch for unresponsive clients
  • pingtracker-N: complementary log for pingserver N detailing how the algorithm is working
  • async-frontend-N: log for async-frontend server N; the async front end delivers AJAX-style content to the web user interface
  • api-N: log for API server N; the API services handles requests from landscape-api clients
  • combo-loader-N: log for combo-loader server N, which is responsible for delivering CSS and JavaScript
  • job-handler-N: log for job-handler server N; the job handler service controls individual back-end tasks on the server
  • package-upload-N: output of package-upload server N, which is used in repository management for upload pockets, which are repositories that hold packages that are uploaded to them by authorized users