Ethernet Support

Available since: 1.2.2-12

The NetworkManager snap provides a configuration option to adjust if it should manage ethernet network connections.

By default the NetworkManager snap does not manage ethernet network devices as it would conflict with the default network management in Ubuntu Core which is handled by netplan and networkd.

Enable Ethernet Support

To enable management of ethernet network devices the snap provides the ethernet.enable configuration option.

This configuration option accepts the following values

  • false (default): Ethernet support is disabled. All network devices matching the expression 'en' or 'eth' will be ignored.
  • true: All ethernet devices available on the system will be managed by NetworkManager. networkd will not manage any of these anymore.

Changing the ethernet configuration option needs a reboot of the device it's running on.

After the device has rebooted ethernet support is enabled NetworkManager will take over management of all available ethernet network devices on the device.

NetworkManager will reuse existing configurations files from /etc/netplan when ethernet support is enabled. Those will marked as immutable inside NetworkManager and any changes need to be written manually into the relevant files in /etc/netplan.


 $ snap set network-manager ethernet.enable=true
 $ sudo reboot