What is Ubuntu Core Stacks?

Ubuntu Core Stacks is a set of snap packages that offer system-level functionality that enables important core system-level features not offered by the base Ubuntu Core system. With little to no additional effort, these snaps can be dropped in place on existing systems bringing significant new value to these systems. These snaps have been well tested in various commercial offerings and are actively maintained by an internal Canonical team.

Please note that some additional integration work to these snaps may be required if new applications of these snaps diverges significantly from existing applications.

What Ubuntu Core Stacks offers

Ubuntu Core Stacks currently offers the following areas of functionality relevant to many different types of Ubuntu Core-based systems:

Contributing source changes to these snaps

You may find the existing source repositories for these snaps as well as where to submit contributions to them here. You may also file bugs against these snaps here.

Please see the following documentation which covers how to retrieve and submit sources from Launchpad using git: getting and pushing code