Ubuntu Core configuration

The core snap offers a few configuration options which allow customization of how the system works.

A configuration option of the core snap can be set via the snap set command as for any snap, e.g.:

 snap set core option=value

The current value of an option can be retrieved via the snap get command, e.g.:

 snap get core option

The following configuration options are currently supported:


Available since: 2.22

Disable the SSH service of the system.

WARNING: Disabling SSH disables the default way to access an Ubuntu Core system. If your system does not provide any other way to interact with it like a management system or a monitor you will lock yourself out of the system and will be left with a brick. If you really want to disable SSH make sure you have a user and a password available and another way to interact with the system.

The configuration option accepts the following values:

  • false (default): Enable the SSH service. The SSH service will directly available for incoming connections.
  • true: Disable the SSH service. Existing SSH connection will remain but establishing any further connections will be not possible.


snap set core service.ssh.disable=true


Available since: 2.23

Specify the action to take when the power button is pressed.

The configuration option accepts the following values:

  • ignore: Do nothing.
  • poweroff (default): Shut down the system.
  • reboot: Reboot the system.
  • halt: Halt the system.
  • kexec: Directly boot a new kernel.
  • suspend: Suspend the system.
  • hibernate: Hibernate the system.
  • hybrid-sleep: Suspend to both disk and RAM.
  • lock: Screen-lock all running sessions.


snap set core system.power-key-action=reboot