Request a brand store

To get a brand store, you need to contact a Canonical sales representative, that will transmit your store creation request to the engineering teams.

A few things to know when requesting a store:

  • A new brand store can be empty or inherit some or all snaps from another store
  • Stores can be open for all uploaders or restricted to a selected list
  • Stores can enforce manual reviews for each upload or rely on the automated review process (and apply further security policies as needed)

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For this request to go through, you will be asked:

  • The store visible name
  • Is the store unlisted and only reachable by developers and end users who know it's id?
  • Does the store force manual review on every snap revision?
  • Does the store allow paid snaps?
  • Does the store inherits snaps from any other stores?
  • Is the store open for uploads? If no, you will have to specify a list of existing store users (by email) to be granted upload rights
  • A list of existing store users (specified by their email address) to be defined as store reviewers
  • A list of existing store users (specified by their email address) to be defined as store admins


Please note that for adding admins, reviewers and (optionally) uploaders you need to ensure that these users have logged in to the store at least once.

Accessing your store

To access your store, you need to:

  • log in to the main snap store
  • click on the arrow next to your name at the top right of the screen
  • click on the Stores you can access menu item
  • click on your store name in the list, it should be under the You can manage and change settings in the stores header

This will take your to your store settings.

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